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Kevin Still

Kevin Still is known to many through his weekly DEMSA update which is a useful reference point for many in the industry. He has been providing insights and training into Consumer Duty since its inception. Passionate about driving better outcomes, Kevin brings an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of all things FCA / Consumer duty related.

Kevin has worked for, amongst many others, HMRC, Lowell, Intrum, PayPlan, he has helped roll out largescale programmes, assisted in change of controls and helped many entities with their FCA applications and responses. Kevin is a co-founder and Director of Consumer Duty Services. Is a director of DEMSA. Is a Director of the Vulnerability Registration Service. Kevin has been providing Consumer Duty training for over 18 months to over 100 different Firms. 

Kevin Still
Peter Worsdworth, Director of Consumer Duty Services on top of hike summit

Peter Worsdworth

Peter Wordsworth is a qualified Solicitor and a former Equity partner of Eversheds International Law firm. Whilst at Eversheds Peter built the first IVA servicing platform for Max Recovery, now part of JP Morgan.

Peter left Eversheds having completed an MBO of the debt recovery business to create Fairfax Solicitors which became the largest provider of debt recovery services to Central Government. Peter then completed the sale of that business to Drydens solicitors. Peter left Drydensfairfax Solicitors after two years and established a consultancy business working for Investors deploying capital into distressed asset Management platforms across Europe and South Africa.

After several years consulting and more airmiles than he cares to recall, Peter joined Stepchange the UK's largest debt charity where he was Head of Insolvency Services for three years and was part of the Senior Leadership Team at the Charity.

Peter is now looking to combine his considerable experience in Insolvency and debt management to help Clients deliver better outcomes for their customers. Peter is passionate about the need to base decisions upon data and the effective use of technology.